Thursday, October 24, 2019

My newest favorite picture!

By dear granddaughter drew this for me this week at school (she is in kindergarten). I'm on the right and she is on the left.
And she's learned how to draw stars.
Is that not a wonderful picture??
Can you see how I'm looking down at Nell, while we're both smiling?
I love that.
On the way home from school that day Nell counted to 100 faster than I've ever heard anyone count to 100. Whoa.

Here she is that same day. Notice her Halloween skirt! Wow.

AND she had special playmate that day, her sweet cousin Enza...
I was there to monitor their intake of those fruit snacks.
I didn't serve homemade cookies, but fruit snacks (monitored) are a great treat.

Enza really took to the playground in the playroom.


Here is Nell's little brother with his DaddyPap...
I just love those guys!

Soon I will show you my gorgeous great nieces and handsome great nephew, with their gorgeous mom.
Stay tuned.


Oh and next month I'm flying to Oregon to see these folks...
Ransom just turned three!
I'll bring his gift on the airplane, okay?

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