Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Trivia Tuesday

An estimated 50 million pumpkin pies are eaten on Thanksgiving.

 Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving.

The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

The movie BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) inspired John Mayer to play guitar.

Dolly Parton has described her family as being “dirt poor.”
Her father paid the doctor who helped deliver her with a bag of oatmeal.



According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest snowflake ever recorded fell in January of 1887. Landing in Fort Keogh, which is based in Montana, the snowflake was recorded at 15″ across.

The Taj Mahal in India is made ENTIRELY out of marble.

Did you know an elephant's trunk can hold over 5 liters of water?

Most Americans like Thanksgiving leftovers more than the actual meal, according to a 2015 Harris Poll. 


That is all for today.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Rage! (And some parking lot cartoons, for your enjoyment)

Two weird things have happened within these past three weeks. At my age you'd think I'd experienced a lot of weirdness already, but there is always more out there.

I've blogged about my fractured knee cap so now I'm blogging about the rage I experienced (and which happened before the knee cap thing). I didn't have the rage - until after I was the rage's target.  Then I felt some rage.

That is not me. That is supposed to represent the 'rager'.
(She looked worse than that.)

I had taken my mother to a doctor's appointment. I dropped her off at the front door, getting her walker out of the back and making sure she had made it into the door. I told her, as I always do, that I would be in there as soon as I parked the car.  The parking lot was packed. I drove around the front of the building and then the back of the building. There were no empty spaces, so I thought about going to the parking lot of a different doctor's building, but just about then I saw a lady walking to her car and getting in. I thought that as soon as she vacated that space I would be right there to take her place. So I got kind of behind her car, giving her space to back out and turned my blinker on. She didn't take too much time so that was good.

I started hearing some honking nearby and figured someone was getting ready for a wreck or something. As I waited in my car to get ready to park I heard and felt my passenger window being pounded on. I looked over and this big, middle-aged lady was beating the window and yelling at me. She was cussing (cursing). I think her words had something to do with my not getting out of her way. Well, it was a small parking lot. There was no way she could have driven around me. I mean, I had seen another car waiting for a space, before I waited for mine. I lifted my hands and pointed to the car that was backing out - and she kept yelling and screaming. Finally I parked and got out and she drove by, giving me a dirty look and 'the finger'. I can't remember ever having someone give me 'the finger'.  I just shook my head at her and pointed to my car in the parking place, and kind of raised my eyebrows, and my hands. I don't think I looked mad.

Well, that shook me up. Mother had registered and had found us two seats in the busy waiting room. I was shaking - and so flustered, and telling her I had a terrible time parking, etc. As I sat down, a lady (a nice lady) came up to me and asked how I was doing, expressing the fact that she saw how I was so unfairly treated by that other lady. The nice lady and I talked quite a bit about it. That really helped me realize I had reason to be bent out of shape.

Later that night I thought about the incident and felt relieved that that hateful gal didn't have a gun. If so, I might have been in the morgue that night.

I was just trying to park. I've waited for lots of folks waiting for other cars through the years.

Well, I just thought I'd tell you about this.

It helps me to retell it.
(Well, maybe not. Now I need to calm down.)

'Of course I need to think of what my mother and her mother might say about this lady's rage: she may have had a death in her family recently - or any kind of tragedy that would make her act that way... so cut some slack.  
Okay, Grandmother Ora.

I'll close with some random parking funnies that will lighten my (maybe your) mood.

Well, I will not do those last two things, now anyway.

See you next time!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Trivia Tuesday

My first bit of trivia is personal: since I have a fractured knee cap (for which I don't need surgery - YAY!) I have a brace that makes me walk like Chester on GUNSMOKE. Dennis Weaver who played Chester was my grandmother's cousin's son!  REALLY!!! (Our claim to fame.)
Chester's on the left.

Now for some random trivia...

There were 102 passengers aboard the Mayflower, and the crew is estimated to have been about 30. After the first winter, there were only 53 passengers, just over half, still alive.

Two-thirds of human communication is by gesture, not speech.

Jimi Hendrix's tombstone has a Fender Stratocaster carved on it.

What product was advertised in the first television commercial? The first television commercial appeared on New York station WNBT (now WNBC) during a Dodgers and Phillies game on July 1, 1941. It was a 10-second ad for Bulova watches.

What is Misophonia? It is a brain disorder in which a person gets angry when hearing or listening to other people who are breathing or eating.
The first letters of the months July through to November spell JASON.

Did you know a group of rhinos is called a crash?

The tea bag was invented in 1908.

Artificial Christmas trees have outsold real ones every year since 1991.

That is all for today.
Have a great week!!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Oh dear.

I fell down on my right knee one week ago (Monday).
That is not me, but it was the closest picture I could find that resembles me.
I was wearing jeans and a coat, so that is clearly not me.
But I did yell something like, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Ah, but I did get up.

Friday I found out I have a fractured patella - knee cap

So I have crutches - and a walker - in our bedroom.
I had never so appreciated walking into the kitchen before, or anywhere.

And I've never appreciated my husband more.

I'll meet with an orthopedic surgeon soon and of course blog.

I thought using crutches would be easy.
It is SO NOT!!!
(Ah, but I am getting the hang of it.)
(I was walking during the week, but when the X-ray showed the fracture,
well, the nurse called and told me to get crutches immediately,
and use them until I see the orthopedic doctor.)
(I'm being obedient.)

I'll close with some funnies I found while looking for 'crutches or falling cartoons'.


That's all for today.
(That last cartoon didn't seem too funny.)

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Today is YOUR day, RYAN!!!!!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful son-in-law!!!

Here we are together not long ago...

And here are some random pictures (in no particular order)...

We love you Ryan and are so glad you are family!!!!


Thursday, November 14, 2019

I stopped the world and got off!!!

I didn't mean to stop the world.

I was going and going - and doing and doing.
Then I fell. I tripped over a doorstop outside a gym where I went to watch my great niece play basketball. (She did GREAT, by the way!!)

I could hardly walk. Sam thought about taking me to the ER, but we put ice on my knee and I took some Advil (as my nephew-in-law John recommended as he is an expert on knee injuries) and it is much better now.
Sam even went and got a walker out of storage that Mother used to use, and brought it home for me.
It really helped.

So Sam went to board meeting in OK City - and I stayed here in my pajamas, attending meetings by phone, with the walker at my side.
Today we'll have our grand kids Nell and Liam, but they can walk and do things for me. So that's nice.

And for now this picture that kind of works for me...

And about Caroline's basketball game, I didn't get pictures of her making two baskets - and being good on defense. Whoa, I cannot imagine doing that.
Here are two pictures I did get...
Caroline is the pretty one with her face to the camera.

She will be 13 next month and is a seventh grader (home schooled but can play one sport at this school). She picked the right sport. That was her first game - and she was super.

I am so proud.

And this picture of my knee is shamelessly awful... and pictures don't help you know the pain.
You can offer your sympathy,
and congratulate me for (accidentally) doing something
to stop my crazy world.

So that's all for today.

Well, except I ask you to pray for my friend Julie W.
who is battling for her life - with Multiple Sclerosis.

Soon I will tell you about the parking-lot-rage of which I was a victim .
I'm still reeling.
Stay tuned.

Trivia Tuesday

The word “infant” is from the Latin for “unable to speak".
 Ah, but that little baby speaks volumes, don't you think? 😊 ---------...