Thursday, November 14, 2019

I stopped the world and got off!!!

I didn't mean to stop the world.

I was going and going - and doing and doing.
Then I fell. I tripped over a doorstop outside a gym where I went to watch my great niece play basketball. (She did GREAT, by the way!!)

I could hardly walk. Sam thought about taking me to the ER, but we put ice on my knee and I took some Advil (as my nephew-in-law John recommended as he is an expert on knee injuries) and it is much better now.
Sam even went and got a walker out of storage that Mother used to use, and brought it home for me.
It really helped.

So Sam went to board meeting in OK City - and I stayed here in my pajamas, attending meetings by phone, with the walker at my side.
Today we'll have our grand kids Nell and Liam, but they can walk and do things for me. So that's nice.

And for now this picture that kind of works for me...

And about Caroline's basketball game, I didn't get pictures of her making two baskets - and being good on defense. Whoa, I cannot imagine doing that.
Here are two pictures I did get...
Caroline is the pretty one with her face to the camera.

She will be 13 next month and is a seventh grader (home schooled but can play one sport at this school). She picked the right sport. That was her first game - and she was super.

I am so proud.

And this picture of my knee is shamelessly awful... and pictures don't help you know the pain.
You can offer your sympathy,
and congratulate me for (accidentally) doing something
to stop my crazy world.

So that's all for today.

Well, except I ask you to pray for my friend Julie W.
who is battling for her life - with Multiple Sclerosis.

Soon I will tell you about the parking-lot-rage of which I was a victim .
I'm still reeling.
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Picked a good time....snuggle up with hot chocolate and a good book....or Hallmark movie

Pam Phillips said...

Oh my sorry you had to stop the world that way.....Hope you are better soon....wil miss hear those piano notes tomorrow.......Take care and let others do for you ....You deserve it !!!

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