Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A different kind of holiday season...

... for Sam and me, and our house - and well, everything and everybody - is here and now.

My kneecap mishap (which I blogged about HERE) has made this season simple and slow.
Though I don't like having a fractured kneecap (for which I'm still using a walker everywhere-sigh)- I am, frankly, enjoying not feeling responsible for everything Christmas.


I'm not recommending you do something drastic so you won't have to do the holiday thing, but if something happens and you have to slow down the holiday magic, it can be SO NICE.

That makes me want to tell you that YOU do not have to succumb to the Christmas chaos, even if you haven't hurt yourself.

I found some articles that encourage folks (especially women) to make the season simpler and slower, like "I'm Dreaming of a Slow Christmas".

And there's Dave Ramsey's "15 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress."

And there's this article from WOMAN'S DAY in 2016 that I like: "31 Expert Tips for a Stress-free Christmas."

(Don't let some of those tips stress you out - I can see how they might, which is ironic.)

Really, in the last few years I have made Christmas more manageable. Well, downsizing 3 1/2 years ago meant we couldn't put out all our decorations. I decided not to get perfectionistic about which ones I would put out. It was worrisome to try to figure out the BEST ones, so I just opened a box and said to myself, "This is the box of our beauties this year." I left the other boxes unopened (don't confuse me with the facts).

Anyway, this year is the ultimate easy, no-fuss Christmas.
I'm glad I have an excuse for that.

(Oh, but if you don't want it to be simple - and you love all the frills and all the fun - all the pretty decorated food -  go for it!!!  That is wonderful!!!  Christmas comes but once a year !!!! Oh yes!)

Of course, we don't really celebrate our Carmack Christmas till January when Laura and her family can fly in from Oregon, so there's that. And that is good... and maybe I'll still be recovering from the fractured kneecap. Well, of course I could be recovering from that mishap for a long time!!
Yeah! 😁

And I love this...

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