Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year, New Decade. Whoa.

I can remember when I thought 1970 was way out there... and I would be a different person.

No, I never became that much of a different person.
I'm still the same really.
Well, older.
But still 'a girl'.

Years ago I decided not to do resolutions. They just end in guilt and shame, both of which I don't need.

And I learned it's okay to gain 10 pounds every 10 years of your (my) adult life.
What a relief.

I will very soon be 2 years from 70 years old.
That is sobering.
And yet, a relief.

I like settling down with my gray hair, and sagging jowls (though a face lift and brown hair color could tempt me). 
My gray and jowls may not get me major respect, but they do give me a certain nod, or an open door, or a seat to sit in when most of the chairs are taken.

And I can roll my eyes when I read about the fashion do's and don't's for 2020. As if they matter.
Well, they do matter, if you want to be 'with it' - or 'IN', as we used to say.

So I'm being kind of a 'curmudgeon'.

I kind of like that.

And yet, I love hope - and faith - and newness of life.

But I really like settling into my own skin.
It is relaxing.

I am ready for this new decade.

I think.

Well, ready or not..... !!!!!!

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