Sunday, January 19, 2020

Our Late Christmas...

Will is the best gift giver EVER.
Here he is giving his Grandmother (whose name he picked) a gift where she can look at pictures anytime. ANYTIME - with no fuss.

Did I say, "Will is the best giver ever." ?
He knows people. He has an intuitive sense in what people want/need. Will has always been this way. ALWAYS.
Will is our first born. Maybe he is that way because he is a White and a Carmack??  Well, I think Sam and I have a sense of folks - and what they are 'into'. I'd like to think he inherited it from us. Well, at least from Sam.
Well, Will has always been smart.

I was just going to put up pictures of our 'late Christmas' - which has been happening the last 3 (or 4) Januarys when it's Martin Luther King Jr. weekends - when Laura and her family fly in from Portland, Oregon. We keep up our Christmas decorations - and celebrate when they come.

So we had a great time.

Ah, but can you believe I did NOT get a group picture??
Well, I have one in my mind... of our kids and grandkids - and Elizabeth and her family - and Ryan's brother and wife Stephanie. 
They're gorgeous people.
Take my word for it.

I'll close with granddaughter Nell's favorite gift...

Oh, and here is some art on the butcher paper I used as table cloth...
Nell drew this.
Andrew drew this.
Laura drew this.
Ryan drew this--- for his brother who is a SCUBA diver.

So we didn't have a Christmas tree (first time ever).
but we did have a Christmas train
that Sam bought at "AT HOME"
(formerly GARDEN RIDGE.)
It was (is) fun - and easier to put away than a tree. YAY!

So NOW Carmack Christmas is over.
It was fun.
And yum.

And now we're relaxing,
which frankly is my best part of Christmas.

Diet and exercise start next week.


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