Sunday, January 12, 2020

Snowing and playing and selling and loving, etc....

I've had a lot going on lately. It feels great BECAUSE I had a super relaxing holiday time where I spent 10 days in my pajamas (not in the SAME pajamas). I'll blog about that soon - recommending everybody have pajama days.)

Anyway, here is some of what is happening recently....

It snowed a little Saturday morning.
Here is my great niece Anna that morning...
Isn't that a super picture?
(Elizabeth put it on Facebook... and I had to put it here!)

 And here is my granddaughter Nell, her daddy Will (my son) and their sweet dog Ella...

In other news - 
I blogged in mid December that I can only play 'Public Domain' songs now.  
I was really bummed about it (as was Ronnie, the owner/manager)- and I even thought about quitting my tea room gig.
Ah, but I had a change of heart, when I found out there are a lot of good tunes I can play, and well, I can just make up stuff - if I have the nerve. (And I found out I do!)
Here's a view from my piano last month.
So I'm back at it. 😀


In even other news, Mother sold her kitchen table and chairs in our booth last week...
So now that space is empty.
Ah, but we have other treasures we'll put in pretty soon.


And now for the loving part (well, I love those previous words and people).

Here are Liam and I last week...
You may know this: Liam is a special needs little guy (with a Chromosome 18 P deletion).
He is 4 1/2, but yet to speak or potty on his own, or eat with utensils,
but oh, I love him just the way he is.
He is Will's son.
And Will and Bailey (his parents) and his sister Nell are so good for him.
They are patient and loving.
We do not know what his future will bring,
 but we know that his NOW is full of love and sweetness,
and NOW is the main thing, right?


Oh, and my fractured knee cap (which I blogged about HERE) is doing great.
I'm pretty much back to normal.


We still have Christmas decorations up because Laura and her family
are coming this weekend
for our Carmack Christmas.

They live in Oregon, and will join us Martin Lut
her King weekend.
So we have fun coming up.

And lots of love.

Then I'll live in my pajamas again.
(Not really.)

I'll close with Barkley.
He is the little dog who comes with Mother's friend, Barbara,
to Mother's assisted living facility.
He is a dear.

And I so enjoyed him sitting on top of Mother's couch, looking out on the world.
I might need to pet him some more.

That would be good.



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