Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Weirdest Week of the Year...

 ... is the week between Christmas and New Years.

It's gone for now - yes, it's close to February, but I'm still thinking of it. - and I'm still thinking about the 'weird week' THIS year.
And I'm reminded of the many things I've done through the years during this 'weird week'.

I've been on church youth ski trips (many times) (mainly to Wolf Creek, CO); I've been to Winter Retreats at Embassy Suites (near Grapevine Mills) when the kids would want to put over 25 people in an elevator (I lived through it). I also hosted a 2000 sleepover at my house - in which we didn't sleep - and we waited till everything crashed (Sam turned off the power right at midnight - so we had a thrill.)  Then the teens jumped in the pool, and then the hot tub and came steaming out.
(Y'all remember? I remember.)

Anyway, I've done a lot of crazy stuff  - in church youth work - between Christmas and New Years.

Ah, but this past holiday season I've done my most wonderful stuff - in the name of almost turning 68 - which I now am.

I wore my pajamas for 10 straight days.
No, I didn't put them on hangers.
(These are from a pajama ad.)
It was a time when I wasn't 'on call'. My mother didn't have any doctors' appointments (she has11 doctors) and she was (is) in a good enhanced assisted living facility.
Plus my grandkids' mother was off from teaching for 2 weeks.
So I was FREE.

Sam had read somewhere that caregivers need time off from being constantly on call... so he planned the whole holiday getaway. (And he'd read that it needs to be at least 10 days of not being 'on call'.) Whoa.
Yes. It does sound self-indulgent... and it was, yes. But I will not apologize for needing it.

We did it at a Staybridge facility in Oklahoma (after spending Christmas eve night at the Gaylord Texan.) They (Staybridge) had a super rate on Christmas day - that transferred to the rest of the days we stayed there.
Sam could watch football in the 'living room' and I could watch whatever I wanted in the bed room.
And he would bring me food!

And we both watched a lot of movies together (particularly old John Grisham movies from the nineties.) - plus others.

Oh my goodness.
I felt like a different person when I came home.
And other R words fit - like 'retreat, rewind, relieve, real' - etc.

I'm back to the grind now, but still feeling oh so good.

And I'm reminding myself....

And you, blog reader,
(Oh, and we're getting ready to have our Carmack Christmas, as daughter Laura and her family are flying in for Oregon - in two hours!)

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