Monday, February 10, 2020

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Today my dear mother is 94 years and 1 day old! 

Yesterday was her birthday. I'm just now blogging about it, because I blogged about nephew John's birthday yesterday (he and Mother share that day) and well, I got home last night after celebrating Mother's big day and started blogging. I fell asleep before I could publish it. (I was too sleepy to proofread.)

Mother's had a tough time lately, mainly because of some side effects from some medicine. She is off that now, and fortunately was able to celebrate. The day before I just knew she would not be up to it. I'm glad I was wrong.

Here are some pics of her (that you may have already seen, as I put them up for her usually on her birthday).
(Some of them are not in the exact right order chronologically, but I'm not turning this in for a grade.)

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