Friday, February 7, 2020

I'm slowing down... and calming down...

... and feeling better. 

This is my post about Hurry and Busyness, of which I am an expert.

I have not really thought of myself as a Type A personality, but looking back on my long life, and how I've been, maybe I am Type A.

Can I change?

I'm thinking that you (me) CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Along that line my daughter gave me a book for Christmas. IT IS SUPER.

It is this...

You can order it HERE.

 I thought I might know all its wisdom. I mean, the author (Laura and Ryan's pastor in Portland, OR) is 39. I'm 68. Maybe I have more wisdom?
Well, clearly not.

That reminds me of my own pastor - who is 39 now. He's had some major wisdom that I've needed
One day I wept through his sermon - it was so profound to me.
(When I haven't been able to attend a church service I will hear his podcast(s).  You can hear them by clicking HERE and clicking 'Sermons'. You will like them... but listen quickly - he talks fast - but wonderfully! (He's not in a hurry, he just talks fast, as is his style.) (For me it is easier to listen to a fast talker than a slow talker.)

Back to the subject of HURRY: our culture is often defined by hurry and busyness.
Folks are proud of being busy. It means they're productive, maybe.
But what about their souls? (My soul.)

There is so much to say on this topic - but I just encourage you (and myself) to slow down. Maybe turn off the iPhone - and close the computer for a while.

I will blog more on this subject, as I have yet to completely finish Comer's book.
I'm taking it slowly... and loving it.

I'll close with this poster I saw on Facebook just last week...

Let's not live in that adulthood, okay?.

See you next time.

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