Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Jazzing up "Home on the Range" is a challenge!*

 These pictures of Frederic Chopin and Hank Williams will make sense in the blog post.

As you may know, I am having to play just public domain songs now in the tea room (songs written before 1925). (We've been visited at least 3 times by BMI folks to see if we are cooperating. And they have called many times.) (I know. It's crazy.)
You can read my blog post about that if you desire.

Anyway, I am being true to the antique mall and playing only antique songs. And that is only appropriate since I myself am an antique.

It has really broadened my horizons, I must say.

AND it has helped in my people-pleasing tendencies. When someone comes up and wants me to play a Hank Williams' tune I just say, "I can't do it." And then, of course, in true people-pleasing explanatory fashion I apologize and I tell them the whole schmeal. ( I need to work up a printout.)

Ah, but I'm learning to play more classical music. My favorite now is Frederic Chopin, which is a far cry from Hank Williams, but their tunes do include the same notes.  😀

Here's some interesting info I have found:
"Scarborough Fair" is public domain though it was covered by Simon and Garfunkel.
Some of Irving Berlin's songs are okay. "What'll I do" was written for a 1924 musical, so it's okay. His "Blue Skies" was written in 1926, so that is OUT.
"How Great Thou Art" is probably not public domain because the melody was written in the 1930's, though the words are really old. (I dare not play it, just in case.)

I could tell you a whole lot more, but I need to practice "Rhapsody in Blue" a whole lot more .

Come on by, if you get a hankering to hear "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain".
(LoneStar Antiques Tea Room, 5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX. The outside is plain, but the inside is SO NOT plain.)
(I play just Fridays and Saturdays now - 11:30 - 1:30.)

*I've decided to not try to jazz up "Home on the Range." It is a futile endeavor, for me anyway.
And that is so okay.

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Pat said...

Bet it's hard when someone requests a song, and you have to say "wait a minute while I Google when it was written". I love Ragtime music which was prior to 1925. Do you play any of that?

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