Sunday, February 9, 2020

Our John-John is 36 today!

Time is not slowing down, folks!

I remember when John was born!

And now he is 4 years from 40! 


Here are some pictures through the years...  and I'll end with a video he made recently about why he is a vegan. It is very interesting... and he does an eloquent job.  He should be in show business - he has the looks and the voice, oh and he sang opera for a while, which means I think he could also sing Frank Sinatra.

Here we go...
That is John being sleepy with his dad and cousin, our son Will.
(I'm yawning now.)

I don't have a lot of pictures of him when he was a child, so these will do...
Here he is on the right in the chair with his Indiana Jones hat on.
His older brother and older cousin are treating their younger relatives,
well, like younger relatives get treated sometimes!
At least Laura is smiling.

There's John in the middle giving us all a thumbs up!
because this was his grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Now for some random pictures...


With his dad Steve and Lorie and family years ago.
With his little brother Mac.

At the bank in OK City with cousin Laura.

With his mom, Paula.

That is with his girlfriend, Lauren, whom someday I hope to meet.

And now for the video, which I meant to comment on on Facebook. It is very impressive.
I am not an aspiring vegan, or climate change person, but I could be persuaded- maybe.
And I'm tagging precious Erika, my friend who IS a vegan.

That is all.



(I apologize for not keeping up better with you... and seeing you more!!)

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