Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Trivia Tuesday

Barry Manilow’s hit, “I Write the Songs”, wasn’t written by him.

A snail can sleep for three years.

Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands.

What is the fastest sense? Hearing

Ancient Egyptians worshiped the onion and viewed it as a symbol of eternal life. When burying the Pharaohs, they would be buried with onions alongside them.

Why are most tennis balls yellow?  They’re easy to see on TV.

What was the original name of Vaseline? Wonder Jelly

What is the word Lego short for?  “Play Well” in Danish.

That is all.
I hope you have an OKAY week!!!

Monday, March 30, 2020

I was enjoying being a hermit...

... until I found out I need to be one for a whole 'nother month!

Okay. I'm still staying home.

I have not left our house in over 2 weeks and 2 days.
Sam has done all the errand running, and when he comes home he washes the clothes that he was just wearing. (He doesn't always do that.)

I feel my granddaughter may be in middle school the next time I see her.
I do get pictures, though, which I adore...

 There are so many things I could be doing (like cleaning baseboards, organizing clutter) but I keep telling myself that I will just do that next week.

Well, we've gotten caught up on our movie watching.
And we binged-watched SNEAKY PETE.
I just read that Canton Tradesday (First Monday) is closed this weekend - the first time in its 170 year history. You can click HERE for an article on that.

Yesterday morning we attended church online...
It was the second time in my life I've gone to church in my pajamas.
The first time was a week ago Sunday.
(Rob does a great job.)

Later yesterday we watched KJB  - The Book That Changed the World with John Rhys-Davies on Apple TV. It is very good.

Lately I've read of seemingly normally healthy people dying of this coronavirus.

And lots of folks are hit majorly in their pocket books because of this crisis. My heart aches for them.
I'm glad some are going to get some help soon.

I've kind of had 'blogger's block' - so I'll quit here.
'Course my Trivia Tuesday is already ready for tomorrow.
See you then.

I'll close with two 'pictures'...

That's all for today.
Stay cooped up, okay?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trivia Tuesday

Which celebrity A-List actor turned down the roles of BOTH Superman and James Bond? That would be “Mr. Dirty Harry” himself, Clint Eastwood. While other actors may regret passing on these the iconic roles, it’s safe to say that Eastwood’s career did not suffer from skipping out on playing these characters.

 How many countries are there in Europe? 44


"E" is the most common letter and appears in 11 percent of all English words.


It’s been said that nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine.


Who eats the most cheese in the world? The answer is the country of Denmark. They eat cheese at the rate of 28 kg per person (according to 2016 numbers). Iceland came in second place with Finland rounding out the top three.


What is the only breed of cat without fully retractable claws?  Cheetah

 Although construction began in 1792, it was not until 1901 that President Theodore Roosevelt officially gave the White House its current name. At various times in history, the White House as been known as the "President's House," the "President's Palace," and the "Executive Mansion."

The epitaph on Frank Sinatra's headstone reads "The best is yet to come."

That's all for today.
I hope you have a good week, keeping well.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

I'm in self-quarantine, so who do I miss the most?

I didn't even have to think about my answer to this.

I went into our playroom where I 'work out' on this little cycle thing...

I suddenly just became grief-stricken. Really. It was physical.
My heart ached for this person.

Who was (is) it?
It's this little guy...
That's me with Liam.
This quarantine thing is keeping me from hugging him
and holding him
and just being with him!!!

If you know Liam at all you know that he has a Chromosome 18P deletion. He's 4 1/2. I won't go into all his issues, but know this: he is not a people-pleaser, or a perfectionst (like some adults I know (me).) He has few demands (mostly food) and he is, well, so precious to have around. I miss him so much. Oh, I miss his mother and father and sister, and my mother, and my daughter and her family in Oregon, and my niece and her family in Southlake, but I can talk to them on the phone. Little Liam doesn't talk, but oh I was thrilled when his mommy told me that when I made a video for them last week he came over when he heard his name and smiled and smiled.

 So here is part of the lonely, sad play room...
I've left those little toys on the floor because that's where little Liam left them.
I'll have to comfort myself with these pics of him recently...

Is he not the cutest/sweetest/most adorable person??

Oh, and his sister does like to make me smile and laugh. And just a while ago her dad sent me this picture...
Isn't she the cutest???

Well, even though we are hunkering down, thank goodness for pictures,
and love, and well, all fun things to think about. 

Stay well - and inside.
(Well, inside your own space.)

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Whatcha doin' ?

I hope you are not doing anything dangerous - like going shopping or eating out. Oh wait. You can't do that! Well, you can go to Walmart or Target or maybe the Dollar Store.

My dear daughter-in-law Bailey is doing some homeschooling with Nell... and having to get harder lessons for her. Wow.

Nell and her brother Liam can play in their back yard, so that's good.

Here's my Oregonian grandson Ransom. This picture was taken in February, but he still does this kind of art work these days as they are 'home-bound', too.

As for me I have been staying in, hunkering down, and frankly enjoying my time. Sam has been watching the news channels. And we've watched some movies together. And I've been reading, but not like some of you are doing.

I really have a lot I could do - but I am rebelling - and doing nothing. (I didn't rebel as a teen.) (That last sentence is a true statement, but I don't think I would have rebelled like this as a teen.)

I AM affirming that it IS true what my Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory told me: I am basically an introvert.  My twin Peggy was an extrovert, and if it weren't for her, our best friend Diane and I would have stayed home all the time. Really.

My mother (who is kind of extroverted) is in an enhanced assisted living facility, and all the folks there are quarantined. As of yesterday they can't even leave their rooms. Whoa. We do call her a lot, and she is stoic and carrying on - like the true daughter of J.Earl White. (Did you know her maiden name was White, and she married my dear dad, Andy White?) I used to say that I was 'pure White', but that sounds racist now.

Well, I better go or no telling what else I will tell you.

I'll leave you with these cartoons that fit my days these days...

That is all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday Whimsy

- from LoneStar Antiques, 5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX...

 That is all for today.
Have a great rest-of-the-week!!

Trivia Tuesday

The word “infant” is from the Latin for “unable to speak".
 Ah, but that little baby speaks volumes, don't you think? 😊 ---------...