Thursday, March 19, 2020

Whatcha doin' ?

I hope you are not doing anything dangerous - like going shopping or eating out. Oh wait. You can't do that! Well, you can go to Walmart or Target or maybe the Dollar Store.

My dear daughter-in-law Bailey is doing some homeschooling with Nell... and having to get harder lessons for her. Wow.

Nell and her brother Liam can play in their back yard, so that's good.

Here's my Oregonian grandson Ransom. This picture was taken in February, but he still does this kind of art work these days as they are 'home-bound', too.

As for me I have been staying in, hunkering down, and frankly enjoying my time. Sam has been watching the news channels. And we've watched some movies together. And I've been reading, but not like some of you are doing.

I really have a lot I could do - but I am rebelling - and doing nothing. (I didn't rebel as a teen.) (That last sentence is a true statement, but I don't think I would have rebelled like this as a teen.)

I AM affirming that it IS true what my Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory told me: I am basically an introvert.  My twin Peggy was an extrovert, and if it weren't for her, our best friend Diane and I would have stayed home all the time. Really.

My mother (who is kind of extroverted) is in an enhanced assisted living facility, and all the folks there are quarantined. As of yesterday they can't even leave their rooms. Whoa. We do call her a lot, and she is stoic and carrying on - like the true daughter of J.Earl White. (Did you know her maiden name was White, and she married my dear dad, Andy White?) I used to say that I was 'pure White', but that sounds racist now.

Well, I better go or no telling what else I will tell you.

I'll leave you with these cartoons that fit my days these days...

That is all.

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