Monday, April 27, 2020

Here's One Thing I Really Think - About My Son...

 I really think that...
 the person most like the whole world ... is my son.

 Well, I had a twin that was like me... but we so had our differences.

I think we meant to have our differences. We made them so.
It made us different.
I guess it was a conscious effort on our part.
We wanted to be different.

My son Will and I haven't tried that thing.
We didn't deliberately try be different.

I think that means that we are NATURALLY alike... without trying.

Will is intuitive.
I'd like to think that I am so, too

And I do believe we both have had some social anxiety about us.
(I hope he doesn't mind me saying so.)

I'm very self-conscious sometimes.
I've always thought it was normal.

I was always shyer than my twin. More of a wall-flower, shall we say (well, my mother told me that, too.)
The older I get the more I've realized that that was what I was (am).
It's not a fault. It's a part of my being that I've accepted.
What a relief.

Peggy liked loud colors to wear.
She got a spiffy haircut in the seventh grade. Me, I kept with my straight tent-shaped hairdo and my greasy face (much to the chagrin of my mother).

Later I succumbed to SEVENTEEN magazine's 'look' for young ladies, but it was Peggy who encouraged me to 'go for it'.

What does that have to do with my son?
Well, I think he was himself - in the later elementary years and middle school, like I was.
He was himself.
I was myself.

Will didn't have a twin.
He had himself... and I applaud him for being himself.

He expressed himself in music... as did I.
Not just in music, but in lyrics to music... as did I.

I used to write songs. I LOVED to write songs.
I started writing songs when I was working as a camp counselor in the Texas Hill Country. I got inspired by other counselors who wrote songs and played them on their guitars. (I honed guitar skills back then - with like 5 chords.)

Will writes songs.
And plays a mean guitar, and keyboard, etc.

Peggy never wrote songs.
Ah, but she sewed (I didn't) and cooked (I used not to) and she sang and was creative in so many ways.
With me, it was in music.
That's the way it's been with Will.

Well, he's creative in other ways.. like being with his kids and teaching them things.
And I liked teaching my kids things.

I don't know.
Maybe I'm being too pensive these days - and wanting Will and me to be alike.

I think we are.

'Course Will is so much like his dad, too.
They're both brilliant and VERY WISE

Oh yeah.

Anyway, that's my blog post for today.

(I just feel like blogging on these weird days - about my special people, like Will.)

I love you so much, son.
And I'm missing you during this Coronavirus Weirdness!

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