Sunday, April 19, 2020

Random Quarantine Thoughts (that just came to me)

What is today?

Are we still in March??

How many weeks has it been since I've been 'inside'?

It all gets cloudy (not literally - but yeah, literally).

I've enjoyed "Law and Order" reruns, but need "Family Feud" to keep me smiling/laughing.

I've watched a few Hallmark romance movies, but some can get too sweety-sweety.
(Not really. I need sweety-sweety sometimes.)

I really haven't been productive, but I am NOT feeling guilty about not being productive - well, maybe a little, but NOT enough to be productive!).

So here are some pictures I've enjoyed from the past...

Here I am with one of my best friends...
That's me with my niece Elizabeth on Feb. 4, 2006,
A month before her wedding.
(Yes, we were both thinner then.)

I count her as one of my best friends in the world.

Here is another one of my BEST/CLOSEST friends in the whole wide world...
She's my daughter, Laura Katherine.
Whenever I think of her name I remember where Sam and I were
when we were expecting her and thinking of a name we both loved:
"Laura Katherine"
We were on I35 near Hillsboro, TX, excited about being parents again.
[That picture was taken in August, 2008.]
[I love her so much.]

Here's another one of my absolutely 'bestest' friends...
That's my daughter-in-law Bailey Jo.
In that picture she was expecting our very first grandchild!
That was on June 11, 2013.
We visited her and Will in London,
while they were taking a break
from studying in graduate school in Scotland.
(Sam had taught theology classes in Russia
and we were on our way back to the States.)
Yeah. That sounds pretty impressive!
(Sometimes I need to remember how impressive my life has been.)
(Sometimes I forget.)

I have other best friends, yes.
I'll close, though, with my BESTEST one...

That is Hubby Sam with our grandson Ransom last summer.
Sam and I have been in quarantine together,
and still best friends!
(Well, we sometimes watch different TV shows
in different rooms, with different food.)

(It works for us.)

That's all for today.

[I'll tell you about Will someday.]

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