Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Trivia Tuesday

James Drury (who died this week) said this about his character on THE VIRGINIAN in 1962, "Nobody knows the name of my character. Not even me."  (I used to love to watch this show.)

What does the “E” in ESPN stand for?  Entertainment

The song "America the Beautiful" was inspired by a trip to what famous "purple mountain majesty”? Pikes Peak

Which tribe still lives within the rims of the Grand Canyon? Havasupai Tribe

Wolf pups are blind and deaf when they are born. It usually takes around two weeks before they are able to see and hear.

Istanbul, Turkey is the only major city located on two continents -- Europe and Asia. During its more almost 2,000-year history, it has been the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire.

Did you know crocodiles swallow rocks to help them dive deeper?

You're more likely to be a target for mosquitoes if you consume bananas.

What country has the highest life expectancy?  Japan

That is all for today!
Have a good week!

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