Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wednesday Whimsy...

From my house to yours.

My precious niece Elizabeth gave me this candle for my birthday. I LOVE IT.
(Did you know that champagne toast smells divine??)

My daughter did this art work a while back. I LOVE IT. 

This next is art, too - and true words (about my granddaughter) - that are in her bedroom. I LOVE IT.
These words fit sweet Nell.

These are my blinds...that leave shadows and light in our living room. I LOVE THOSE (the shadows and light).

This table with the runner was always in my parents' home. They called it the Harvest Table. We are now using it as a sofa table... and there it has a beautiful runner that used to be my dear sister-in-law's.  Very classy don't you think?

Well, I like to redecorate so last week I put these two placemats (that Elizabeth gave me years ago) on the Harvest Table.  I like them there for now.

Oh.and here are some tropical birds I've collected (not real) through the years - with a precious sign that says "Family Gathers Here". (Elizabeth gave that to me.) I LOVE IT.

Here's a table cloth folded in half that Mother used to use when she served Mexican food. I LOVE IT.

Here's a wall hanging I splurged on about a month ago at Hobby Lobby (for half price). Now Hobby Lobby is closed for a while, so I'm glad I splurged when I did.

Somehow I got interested in collecting exotic birds through the years (maybe because we lived in South America (Brazil) for almost 3 years.)  (Well, I like the bright colors - and well, God's unique creations.)

In the high part of our kitchen...
I forget where I got that toucan.

And here's a toucan we got from the Polynesian Village at Disney World decades ago... and that super map-- Laura drew that. She really did that. It is one of the most wonderful things we have in our house... It's over our fireplace.

I'll close with that.

I have other favorite things to show you - and during this crazy time I might show them to you pretty soon.
(This crazy time makes me appreciate non-crazy things and non-crazy times.)

Stay cooped up.

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