Friday, April 10, 2020

Wonderful Friday

We commemorate Jesus' death as a common criminal on Good Friday. Kind of weird that we call it 'Good'. But of course the point is what happened on the following Sunday... he came back from the dead, which means we could define that (this) Friday (today) as WONDERFUL.

That's how life is. Awfulness happens. But like a tapestry where we only see the back side - with the gnarly knots and the loops and ugliness, when we turn it over it is beautiful.

I'm thinking of these super weird days - of having to stay super-careful because of the invisible virus that has yet to be defeated. I pray that they are going to be like the back of a tapestry. And all will be  beautiful someday.

I'm a fan of Lee Strobel, a former atheist turned follower of Christ.
You can click HERE to read about him.
He's written some great books, A CASE FOR FAITH, A CASE FOR CHRIST, and others.

I'm also a fan of Josh McDowell. He was an atheist and set out to disprove Christianity but ended up embracing it. You can click HERE to read about him. He authored two books along that line - with material he used in his efforts to disprove Jesus Christ's death and resurrection: EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT and EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT, VOLUME II.
I was particularly enamored with these books (especially the first one) years and years ago when I was coming to terms with the fact that maybe Jesus wasn't just a propaganda story that gullible followers espoused to get folks to 'live right'.
Really. When I started thinking for myself I was not ready to fall for my Baptist upbringing's teaching.
It was all too cut and dried, and I'd thought it gave a pathetic answer to life after death. (Yes, I was a  major skeptic for a while.)

Long story short, I decided to disbelieve until I couldn't.
(Sam has a similar story. It kind of united us.)

Have a great day!

I'll close with this cartoon, which has nothing to do with Good Friday, but I like it...

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