Thursday, May 7, 2020

FaceTiming Mother

This is a cartoon.
That is neither me nor Mother.

I know that many of you folks would give anything if you could FaceTime your mother. Unfortunately there is none of that in heaven.

Mother's Day can be very hard on many people, for many different reasons.
Be gentle with yourself if this is a hard day for you.

Me - I can't see my mother in person, but I CAN see her via FaceTime.
Mother is 94 years old and still pretty sharp mind-wise. Her body isn't, but she is being taken well care of at an enhanced assisted living facility.
Of course for the last several weeks she's been in quarantine.
I've talked to her on the phone everyday, but last week I SAW HER!

Last week I got a Facetime call from her assistant activities director Brandi. She was in the room with Mother and they were surprising me with a face-to-face call.
Oh. My. Goodness. I looked like a homeless person. Really.
We had a good visit, but it was marred by my continued apology for how I looked!
They kept saying that how I looked didn't matter, but it MATTERED to me!

I told Brandi that the next time she wanted to do a Facetime with me and Mother please give me a heads up so I could at least put on lipstick and comb my hair.
Ah, so I'm ready today. We're 'getting together' at 2 this afternoon.
I told Mother that I wanted HER to look like the homeless person today.
Of course, she won't. But neither will I!

Isn't it wonderful that Mother's facility's activity director is having her assistant go around with her iPhone and letting family see their elderly relatives' faces.
We may not be seeing their faces in person until there is a vaccine, but for now FaceTime is wonderful.

I hope you're going to have a good weekend, however painful - or wonderful - it may be.

Me, I'm starting this afternoon at 2 o'clock with my mom.


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