Monday, May 25, 2020

It is a special day in more than one way.

It is Memorial Day today.
Soldiers died for us, so that we could be free.

I don't think anything is more wonderful than that. 

And also today, May 25, is my dear mother-in-law's birthday. She was born in 1914.
I don't think anyone was (is) more wonderful than she.
(Few daughters-in-law can say that,)
That is Oleta, and her husband, Robert S. Carmack.

Here she is, Oleta Stephens Carmack
- with little Samuel Carmack V (my husband)
and his older sister Patricia.
(I don't know where brother Steve was.)

Here they are many years later...
From left, Bob (Daddy Bob), Sam, Patricia, husband Ken with daughter Jennifer
and Oleta (NanaWee).

And here are DaddyBob and NanaWee.

And here they are on a mission trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, which they funded 3 years in a row,
From left, Charles Carroll, Peggy Basden Johnson, Bob Carmack, Lee Johnson,
Nancy Carmack, Sam Carmack, Oleta Carmack

And NanaWee and DaddyBob with baby Laura Carmack in 1986 in Lawton, OK.

And NanaWee with little Laura later...

And NanaWee with little Will ...

And DaddyBob and NanaWee at their 50th wedding anniversary....

 And then in 1993 - at their graveside  - at the Hinton, OK cemetery,

Oleta Stephens Carmack was one of the most wonderful women I have ever EVER known... and I am so proud to have been her daughter-in-law.



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Pat said...

Thank you, Nancy, for such a beautiful post. I must agree that she was a wonderful woman, and I am blessed to have had her as my Mother. She loved you like a daughter and you were a wonderful daughter-in-law to her.

We should have a party, Grammy!

Penelope Faye said that. We call her Nell. She said that we need to have a party since I was in her house!! She said that this past Thursday...