Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother's Day Was Wonderful!!!

Look what I got yesterday!

Sam gave me the flowers and the candles... and I'm not even his mother!

And Bailey and Will and Nell and Liam gave me the two books.
I'll be reviewing HOW TO BABYSIT A GRANDMA soon!

Laura had sent this beautiful journal.

Will gave me, as part of their gift, this wonderful card...

And Will and Nell came by yesterday afternoon so see us! If Liam had come I would have had to hug him as he would expect nothing less, nor would I. Ah, but he stayed home napping with his mom. That was good. We kept our distance.

And Nell brought her bike and showed us how she can ride without training wheels! Whoa.

Oh, and we got pictures of Nell and Liam.

Oh and through the week we got pictures from Laura, Ryan and Ransom in Oregon...

And we talked to Mother on the phone, as we do everyday, but Mother's Day was special, of course.
We'll FaceTime her again on Thursday, and I will get a picture of that to share.

It was a fantastic Mother's Day.
Life is good!

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