Thursday, May 28, 2020

Seeing Mother through the window...

My dear son and his family got to visit with my mother recently.
Her assisted living facility is in quarantine, so they got to look through the window.

Look at this treasure....
That's little Liam with his hand up to Mother's.
That is a priceless picture to me.

Here is Mother talking to Bailey while little Nell is getting ready to do a cartwheel.
They talked on their phones as they couldn't yell loud enough
to be heard through the window.

I know. That was a silly thing to say.
I get silly sometimes.

Anyway, I think that is a super sweet picture.

 Next up is Will talking to Mother (his grandmother)...

 And here are the kids playing outside her window...
Fun, Fun, Fun.

The next day Elizabeth and her kids went for a visit...
(Elizabeth is my dear twin's daughter.)
I love that picture.

And here are Caroline, Andrew and Anna with their great grandmother.
Everybody was happy to see each other!!!
(Yes, Anna wore red lipstick for the occasion!
Well, it WAS a special occasion!)

So now we're going to have to schedule a window visit for Grammy and Daddy Pap (me and Sam). We're also called Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sam.
I mean, I really think we could all be in the same space together, but a window visit would be fun.
It was for Mother. 😃

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