Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Trivia Tuesday

Julia Child released her first cookbook at age 39, and got her own cooking show at age 51.

A banana is a fruit… right? Not so fast. A banana actually comes from the berry family. Bananas originate from a single ovary, have a soft skin, and a fleshy middle. This makes them a berry.

Martin Van Buren was the eighth president of the United States from 1837 to 1841.Having grown up in a Dutch-speaking community in New York, Martin Van Buren was the only president whose first language was not English. Although Van Buren worked hard to mask his original tongue, observers claim his accent would surface whenever he became visibly excited.

What is the shortest river in the U.S.?
Roe River, Montana

Imagine swinging on a swing as you wait for the bus. If you are in Canada, it is a reality. There are bus stops in Canada that have swings instead of benches for people to wait.

Where can you find the European Asparagus Museum?
Schrobenhausen, Germany

The number 4 is the only number in the English language that has the same number of letters in its name as its meaning.

What is so unusual about koala bear fingerprints? They are almost identical to human finger prints. Much like chimpanzee finger prints, koala bear fingerprints are the same shape and size and feature similar patters of swirls and lines.

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