Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Trivia Tuesday - June 23

Which toy was invented by an engineer trying to keep equipment on ships stable?
Slinky, Metal (W23448)The Slinky

Which singer had a song in the Billboard Top 40 every year from 1970 - 1999?
Elton John

What Jelly Belly flavor was created for Ronald Reagan's inauguration?

According to Travel Trivia what is the state snack of Texas? Chips and Salsa
Chips & Salsa - Grill & Bar Menu | Chili's

On June 6, 1889 - The Great Seattle Fire destroyed 25 blocks of downtown Seattle.

On June 20, 1948 - Toast of the Town, a variety series hosted by Ed Sullivan, premiered on CBS. It was later renamed 'The Ed Sullivan Show."The Ed Sullivan Show' vs. Rock & Roll: How Early Rock & Rollers ...

On June 26, 1927 - The Cyclone roller coaster opened on Coney Island.
Coney Island | Roller Coaster History

Which monarch has a place named after them on every continent?
Queen Victoria
Victoria | Biography, Reign, Family, & Facts | Britannica

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