Thursday, July 9, 2020


Some of our dear family members cannot communicate like we do.
They can bark, or meow, or maybe chirp.

Sadly we lost one of our family members this week... our dear grand-dog Akon.

He was big, and ferocious-looking, but he was a gentle giant.

He was Laura and Ryan's dear German Shepherd Akon.

He was born in Texas but moved to Oregon as soon as his family did...

And here he is with our daughter as she prepared him for having a little 'brother'. 
I somehow think he knew what she was talking about...

Here they are, Akon and Ransom

Some folks (like myself) can be worried with big dogs and itty-bitty folks.
Laura and Ryan were always careful with those two. And so was Akon. 💗

Here is a sweet picture of Ryan loving on Akon years ago...

And here is Akon showing the way on a big hike...

What a dear dog Akon was/is.


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