Monday, July 27, 2020

Memories with Peggy - and Regis and Kathie Lee.

Back in the fall of 1988 and winter of 1989 my twin sister was in a hospice facility in Houston just a few miles from the famous M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. She was in an apartment-like setting - with a living room and kitchen, bathroom and her room had her hospital bed, plus a Murphy bed that I often slept on/in. Her living room had a hide-a-bed that I slept on sometimes, too.
Every weekday morning she liked to watch "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" at 9 o'clock. What a refreshing show! We loved it!

Sadly Regis Philbin died last week at 88 years of age. I feel like I knew him!  For sure I adored him.

His passing brought back so many memories of being with Peggy in that hospice apartment.
That place had once been a regular apartment complex, but then was converted into a hospice facility - with nurses, and a counselor. It also housed some Aids patients, which brought the Aids' crisis closer to home for us.

Anyway I just wanted to celebrate Regis this week - and for the happiness he brought us in those hard days.

Along that line, I will now unashamedly promote the book I wrote about Peggy and me and got published last year on the 30th anniversary of her death.  It's PEGGY AND ME. You can find it on Amazon. Click HERE for that. You'll see some reviews THAT I LOVE!! (Thanks, Annie, and Irma... and Dewey... and others!!)

Peggy's dear daughter Elizabeth wrote the wonderful epilogue. (Elizabeth was barely 7 when her mother died, but only 2 when her mother was diagnosed.)

You may have time these days to read that book. I recommend it for many reasons - one being that I approach (broach?) the subject of how to talk to people whose loved ones have a cancer diagnosis... and that faith-healer types can be the most disastrous visitors for sick people. (Some would say I (we) didn't have the faith we needed. - Read the book. I address that subject.)   I also write a little about how to - and how not to - talk to family at funerals.

Of course I mainly talk about growing up as a twin - and then my dear twin dying. Writing it took a while, and, of course, was very cathartic for me. If you think it may be hard to read - well, it may be not so hard at all. It will definitely get you to know me and Peggy.... and maybe think about how very fragile life is. I think we need to know that (as if we don't).

Anyway, there you have my blog post for today.

Here are pictures of Peggy's kids now...

That's Cap with his beautiful wife Elizabeth.

And here's Cap with Jackson, his handson step-son...


And here is Peggy's daughter Elizabeth (yes, Cap's wife's name is also Elizabeth) and her gorgeous family back before the craziness of 2020...
Yes, they are gorgeous inside and out.
They live about 15 minutes away me - which is super.

Cap and his family live in Midland.
(I need to go visit them.)

I'll close with this unashamed promotion (again) of my book about Peggy and me.
It was a major endeavor for me, but it doesn't take too long to read.

Thank you,
and have a good day.

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