Saturday, July 4, 2020

We Zoomed!

Every year the extended Will White family meets on the Fourth of July for a big family reunion... until this year - because of well, you know.
So thanks to Cindy Fields we ZOOMED!! 

Here are some not-so-wowy pictures of the event - our 103rd reunion... but oh, the event WAS WOWY.
Thank you, Cindy!!

That is dear Cindy, who got us all together. 💖

That's Cindy and Todd with their beloved family members,
one of whom meowed a bit, but we all loved it!
Well, we also got to find out what their three grown children are doing.

That is Elizabeth, my dear niece.
Before she signed on with our Zoom meeting she had run a 10k run!

That is Lisa, who is my second cousin (or third).
I love being on Facebook with her!
Hi Lisa.

That is dear Carol Stone.
She is my father's first cousin's widow.
We all love her so much!!
Her grandson Jordan needs prayer as he was in a horrible 4-wheeler accident recently.
Prayer warriors - pray for Jordan.
He was going to be married soon, but that has had to be postponed for now.

My Aunt Helen (my dad's little sister) looks a lot better than this!
The shadows weren't very flattering.
But no matter - she is ALWAYS beautiful - inside and out!!!
She updated us on her kids and grandkids. I loved that!!

Now here is a picture of the 100th anniversary of the Will White reunion back in 1917...
Some of those folks have passed on ... but will never be forgotten.

Here is Mother during that reunion in 1917...
She is looking at pictures of past reunions that Cindy has displayed through the years.
 Mother didn't get to be a part of our Zoom meeting today, but I'm going to show her pictures SOON!
I wish I'd taken better pictures!

Oh, and after I signed off from this Zoom meeting I found out that others joined. Maybe I'll get some pictures of those dear family members.

We have a wonderful family.
I am so proud to be a part of it.

And thank you again, dear Cindy, for letting us get together today!!!

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