Monday, September 28, 2020

Being negative and positive


I usually I am a positive person - well, on the outside. Inside I can be majorly hard on myself and wonder 'why did I say that? or do that?, etc., etc.'

 So there's that.

But this blog post actually is NOT about my inner and outer life. (I was trying to make an interesting intro. 😉)


This post is about COVID!!

For the last 3 weeks Sam has had some symptoms of Covid. He was tested in the midst of those symptoms and tested negative. Long story short, he was tested again last week and found out Friday morning he was positive. 
It was somewhat of a shock. And yet, somewhat of a relief. Well, because he is feeling better and thinking he is at the end of it. And it wasn't as horrible as it could have been.  (All that was kind of confirmed by his doctor friend down in Temple (Baylor Scott and White) whom Sam confers with about any ailment. Plus Dr. Dan Smith is basically Sam's primary care physician. 

 Anyway, Sam and I have been living quarantined lives from each other for a while. When he was feeling sick he moved into the guest room and I stayed in the master bedroom.  I'd prepare his meals and put them on a table in the living that he would get when I left the room.
When he tested negative he moved back into the master bedroom, and we acted like normal people. 

WELL, when he tested positive we got back into our quarantine routine away from each other, which is where we are at now.


As for me I am negative (as of Saturday) but will take another test at the end of the week. I've had no symptoms, except for a itchy rash on my neck, but that could be anything. 

I wrote this blog post because I was on FB with some of you dear people and let our Covid story out.

You may very likely have your own Covid story. I hope you don't, but if you do I hope it is not horrific, like some folks' experience.

Sam and I have been more hunkered than most folks these several months, but he has rheumatoid arthritis (which is NOT just arthritis!), so that meant he needed to be careful. Plus we are now in our late 60's. (I had to reread that for it to sink in. I feel 50!) And so we have been super careful. Ah, but evidently not careful enough!!

Be safe out there.
And yeah, you can live your life out in the world - BUT BE SAFE!!!

And don't judge me for being super safe, okay?
Not that you would judge me, but you might!!!

I better close this monologue.


Justin Ross said...

Y’all are in our prayers and love my entire family too much to to think of anybody not being safe! Glad the symptoms have been mild. This too shall pass.

Your nephew,

Nancy said...

Thanks, Justin!!

LindaCruz said...

Praying for you both. We don't realize our mortality until something like this comes along. As far as being super safe goes, I am 'over the top. Won't touch money, door handles, etc. When I get the mail, I sanitize after opening. When I get groceries, delivered no less, I sanitize. Even with my husband, Lupe. I used to share drinks, snacks, etc with him, but no more!
Stay safe, Nancy. With love.

Nancy said...

Hi Linda! You sound like you are doing what we have been doing - down to the detail. Keep it up! Sam went out and about though (not often), but would wash his clothes when he got home. Somewhere along the way he got it!

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