Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I Have Some New Favorite Things

There's this... - the Youtube video... 

I have tried and tried to put it (the YouTube video) on this blog post - to no avail. 😟
 Well, click HERE to hopefully go to the YouTube site.

Here it is (just the picture).

I am so frustrated that you can't go directly to it.

Maybe I'll try again (and again) to let you see it.

Our dear friend, Barris, who happens to be a wonderful counselor, has a new CD/DVD out. It is very interesting - in this day and time.

As for his being a wonderful counselor, I went to him in the mid 90's (every week for several months) - and was helped immensely. I was thinking he might help with my insomnia - and other issues...He SO HELPED ME - BEYOND WHAT I THOUGHT - and he has helped me EVEN TO THIS VERY DAY (in 2020).  REALLY.  (Contact me if you need more info on Dr. Barris.)

This recent production he's produced is AMAZING.
(Again, click HERE for it.)
Enjoy it.
Learn from it.
Let it resonate within you.


Here's a totally different favorite thing... on a totally different level.
It has to do with peppers!! (If you know me you know that I love hot peppers! (Even in my old age! I have trouble with broccoli, but not peppers! - I'm a Lower Rio Grande Valley Girl.)

Here's a video you have to watch.
The man eating the peppers is a long time friend. I mean, A LONG TIME FRIEND. He's really family!

 Can you see it???
Maybe you can click HERE for it.

I so want you to see it.

(I'll keep trying, okay?)

Here is Jesse and his wife Kristin a few years ago with Sam and me.

Well, that's all today.

I hope all these videos and that picture came through on my blog.
You'd think I would know all about blogging -  but, well, when it comes to computer-stuff I'm still not too savvy.

See you later.


Barris Ayres said...

Thanks for the mention Nancy! I also must say that Jessie's little girl is just precious. DRINK THE MILK!! DRINK THE MILK!

Nancy said...

Great comment, Barris!!

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