Saturday, September 12, 2020

Old Shows

I've had some free time of late.
I won't apologize for it.

Here are some shows I've watched and my reviews of them:


LEAVE IT TO BEAVER- It is a really heart-warming show. No big laughs, but some warm feelings.

 I LOVE LUCY- It IS funny. I laughed out loud a few times. 


GILLIGAN'S ISLAND: Well, it is cute. Really silly, but cute.


MY THREE SONS: Heartwarming and cute. (I always liked Robbie - Don Grady.)


HOGAN'S HEROES: Interesting idea. My in-laws liked this show, so I gave it some serious thought. It IS funny, even though it is about PowWows in Nazi Germany.


GREEN ACRES: I found it kind of silly. (I remember my Daddy liked it, but he liked farm life.)


HIGHWAY PATROL: Ha. Not a comedy for sure, but I remember Broderick Crawford in it.  Not bad, but I like 30 minutes shows, which it was.

 MASH: Funny. Kind of Liberal. The first part of the episode didn't have canned laughter. That last part did, which was interesting.  Still, I liked it.


THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW: Heartwarming. Barney always made (makes) me laugh. Who is a Barney of 2020? I need him. 


That's all.

You can tell me of old shows you'd recommend.



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