Thursday, October 29, 2020

My Fun Fine Family!

This blog post has lots of photos of family!
I like photos of family!

Here are Ryan, Ransom and Laura (and more Ransom pics).

Now that is a fun fall photo!


Here is our son and his wife at their wedding 10 years ago tomorrow!!!



I have to brag on our daughter-in-law.

Bailey Jo teaches eighth grade English - and  her teacher-peers voted for her as THE BEST!

We are so proud of Bailey Jo.
(Sam said that the Carmack men have always been known for what wonderful women they marry!)

Here is Bailey Jo and Will's daughter...

Losing teeth means Nell is GROWING UP (whether her Grammy is ready or not!)

That is Bailey Jo and sweet Liam.
(His Grammy is ready to hug him big time.)

Here is Bailey Jo with her dad and Lita - and Bailey Jo's sisters.
(They could all be Miss USAs. - Well, except Bailey Jo's dad I guess.)


And here is Bailey Jo with her mom and stepdad and her sisters and their kids,
plus our Will and Bailey and their kids.
I know. They are all gorgeous.
(Ah and they're gorgeous on the inside, too - which is the main thing.) 😅

Here are Will, Bailey Jo, Nell and Liam last Sunday.
I took that picture!


Bailey Jo took this next picture of Nell and me.

We look like we're doing "Sic 'Em, Bears!" We're really doing "Hi there!"

Having a Fun Family blog post wouldn't be complete without Cap!
He's my twin's oldest...

 Cap and his wife always have fun every Halloween.
Here they are recently...

I need to ask them how they did that magic with their eyes!



Here's my twin's daughter with her husband - before they married - back around 2005 I think.

John was Corp Commander at Texas A&M  (Yes. Corp Commander!)

Here they are not too long ago...

And here is their oldest recently!

Yes, she is growing up!
Here is Caroline with her mother Elizabeth.

Here is Andrew with his dad John.
(Okay. Can we turn back the hands of time?)

Here is Elizabeth and John's youngest.

I recently featured her on my Throwback Thursday post.

Here is John (far left - middle) posing with other Southlake, TX councilmen and mayor (in the middle).
We are very proud of John and as soon as he runs for President I will be campaigning big time.


 Oh and did I not tell you that I am now the great aunt of a llama??? Llawrence Huffman
You never know what surprises will surprise you (me)!

Llawrence has some goat family members - besides human!

If I knew my goat great nephews' names I forgot! (I'll get back wth you.!)

Here is the matriarch of our family... my dear mother...


 Here she is with her four grandchildren back in the late '80s.

And here she is with her dear daughter - my twin - around 1988.

This picture is very dear to me.
Peggy Jean (I'm Nancy Jane) died in April of 1989.

Every year the U.S. has used the month of October to encourage women to get mammograms so as to catch breast cancer early. 
Oh yes! Get examined! Do it!!

But know that there are some of us who still grieve for our family members who were not breast cancer survivors. Our loved ones were (are) victims. This can be a sad month for many of us.

That is all for today.

Get checked out ladies (and gentlemen)!

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