Friday, October 23, 2020

Post Debate Thoughts

The first presidential debate almost got me off the Trump Train.
Well, I was a reluctant Trump person from the beginning.
I didn't vote for him. I voted against Hillary.
I know voting for Biden for many is voting against Trump.

During that first debate I was in the master bedroom while Sam - who had Covid - was in the guest room on the other side of the house. At the beginning of that debate I was yelling at the TV screen for Trump to 'shut up'! I was so mad at him, for his bluster and bullying and constant interrupting. I know that Biden interrupted, too, but Trump interrupted either Biden or the moderator Wallace about 145 times. Trump would not calm down, no matter how much I yelled at the TV and almost punched it with my fist.

Fast forward to last night: I could breathe during the debate! Of course Sam's calming presence was helping me get started to watch it, as he was next to me in bed in the master bedroom having recovered from Covid. Ah, but I almost went into the living room to avoid watching the debate. I knew "Perry Mason" or "Law and Order" would be better for my blood pressure.
I thought I'd start the debate, though, so as to be politically literate. Ah, I could tell right away that it was going to be okay for my health and well-being. And it was.

'Course we all have our own opinions about the debates and certainly the election. Since this is my blog, this post reflects my views.
Long story short: I'm back on the Trump Train.
Some of you think I'm must be an idiot to be on that train.
Call me what you like.
I'll be an idiot.

I yam what I yam.

(Don't argue with me. I've already voted.)

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