Thursday, October 15, 2020

ThrowBackThursday with Anna!

I love to look at old pictures.
Some of these are older than others.

Here's sweet Anna in 2013 - at Laura's house in Dallas.


Here's Anna again, in 2011.

Talk about darling!!

Here she is in 2010 with her family. Anna is the one in the baby carrier.


Talk about a beautiful family!

Oh, here's Anna in 2012 - at Canton TradesDay...

Oh, here she is with her older sister and brother on Halloween 2011...


And here is Anna with her beloved daddy in 2013...


Finally, here is Anna with me almost a year ago (Nov. 2019)...

I am missing her!! This Covid thing is making me miss her!!

Love you, precious Anna!!


(Anna is my late twin's youngest grandchild.)

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