Friday, November 6, 2020

Some Favorites- and Some Not-So-Favorites

 Here's my favorite person - who has a patch on his mask!

Sam still has some residual effects from Covid, but getting better everyday.

And here's another one of my most favorite people in the whole world...

It's my dear dad, when he was just a very young little fella!!!

I love that picture!

(He died in 2016 and I miss him so.)


Another favorite is a place I like: Cannon Beach, Oregon.
I've been there with my daughter and her family
(who live in Portland) and it is GREAT!!


Oh, and I really like Greg Gutfeld. 

He is disarming - as a conservative guy (which he hasn't always been).
His "Greg Gutfeld Show" on Fox News at 9:00  Saturday nights- Central time - is SUPER.
Sam and I record it every week.
We really enjoy it!!

Oh and I love daughter Laura's Christmas cards...

Now this Christmas snail is what I need.
A lot of folks love the Christmas season.
Well, while I love the 'Reason for the Season'
I have found this season can be very stressful.
Ah, but this snail makes me slow down.  Mmm. I love it.
Click HERE to see it on Laura's Etsy Facebook page.



Oh - and Joe DeVito - he is my new favorite comedian!!

 Check him out at Joe DeVito. com.


Here's some of my favorite food:
HOP DODDY's Llano Poblano Burger

I also really like the El Diablo Burger, but oh, though I really like jalapenos I have to take most of them off of this burger, but the juices of them are still there though not as potent.  Talk about YUM!!

Oh, and HOP DODDY's French Fries with Green Chile Queso are super!!
It's a big serving, for many folks (just to warn you).



So what do I NOT like??

Cheeseburger pizza from Papa Johns.
We ordered that recently because it was on major sale.
I usually like any kind of pizza.
But not that.

I don't like how Blogger is these days.
I want to make the words bigger on this blog.
And change the font. I used to could.
I want to change the layout on the right side. I used to could.
I want to do stuff that I used to could.

It's made blogging not as much fun when I don't have control of the fonts, and their sizes, and the backgrounds, and well, lots of stuff.

So what else do I not like?
This Pandemic!!!!
What else do I not like?
Well, lately - with time on my hands (which might make you jealous)
I have watched some Carol Burnett shows.
They are TOO SILLY for me. That 'Tarzan' yell of hers is TOO MUCH.


Well, and 'Gilligan's Island' can be a little too silly.

But I do so enjoy "I Love Lucy".

I'll close with this...

I really like that.
And that's how I'm gonna be today!

 Okay. Those are some things I like - and don't like.
I know you have yours.

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