Friday, November 20, 2020

Some More Favorites and One Not-So-Favorite

Yes. That is our house! 
We've never done any Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving,
but in this weird year we are making an exception.
Now we haven't done any decorating inside, but we will.
(Our neighbor's children FaceTimed their cousins showing them our house!)



Another favorite? 

Have you seen TED LASSO?
We watched it last week (all episodes out now)
and REALLY enjoyed it!

It was very heart-warming, and I was needing heart-warminess!

Here's some favorite hair - on our granddaughter on Halloween...

Isn't that classy?

And here's mine...

Yeah. My hair has grown!
(I recently made that picture my profile pic on FB.)
It looks better from the back.
I need to work on the long-hair-look from the front.
I actually don't want to get it cut yet.
I want to see how long it will get until I can't stand it.
(So for now I like it.)

Here's another favorite - if you need a smile (who doesn't need a smile?).

These are quokkas.
They are marsupials native to Western Australia,
and wear a perpetual “Hey there! Good to see ya! Oh, you brought pie!” smile on their faces.
(An adult quokka is about 6.7 pounds.)

My final favorite for today is this picture of my Oregonian grandson
who was (is) celebrating autumn!

what is my not-so-favorite?

Clearly Covid and that my 94-year-old mother has it!!!

It has been amazing how well she is doing,
but she is not out of the woods.

She has been coughing more,
but still doesn't need oxygen and has no fever.
She's pretty alert when she's awake,
but she is sleeping a bit more than usual,
but I'm thinking that may be good for her.

Thank you so much your prayers!!!!!!!!

That's about all I don't like now.
Well, except for your prayers.

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