Sunday, December 20, 2020

Blogging? Is it still worth it?

Everything changes.
Including me.


Maybe blogging is old school.
Heaven forbid if I am old school.

Ha!! I AM old school!
In a little over a year away from now I will be 70.

Does that make me sad?
Well, that is sobering, yes.
But I can remember wondering if I would live to be 30.
I did!!

Don't feel bad for me if I feel a need to quit blogging.
Everything changes.
Including me.

I'm thinking of giving blogging a big break.

It's okay!

I can be on Facebook - or whatever else is out there!!

Or not! (I don't need to be on anything, right?)
(I can just relax.)
(Yeah.) Oh yeah.


I think I'm going to relax.


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