Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Lights!!

The other night Sam and I drove around to see some lights.
And we saw some lights!!

We found a lot more than those pictures, but many (most) of my photos were blurry. Ah, but I have a good memory - and will relive them in my mind. 


And there's this...

For the most fantastic Christmas light show you just have to go about a mile from our house.
It is the DAYSTAR light display - which is just south of Walmart at Cheeksparger and 121, Bedford, TX.
I took this picture as we drove into the display...


That's grandson Liam who enjoyed the lights so much!! His family went to see the lights about an hour after his Grammy and DaddyPap saw them. (We stayed in the car, but Liam's family got out and about.)
Here is his sister... I'm thinking she liked the lights, too!!
Here are two more of my pictures at DAYSTAR...

 Look at this huge wreath! - And the people inside it...

I know those people! Do you?

So if you get a chance, go to DAYSTAR!!
It is AMAZING!!!

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