Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Fun Bird, Rudolph, Pajamas and Liam!

Here are some pictures I really like!

First, Laura's Christmas bird - that I colored!




And a cute Rudolph... 


and after...
Isn't that cute?
Different note...
The other night I was in my pajamas,
watching some TV
and I happened to look down at my pajamas.
I've had them for years - and they weren't expensive at all... but look...

Don't they look great??

Note to self: look, really look, at stuff you're used to!
You may actually SEE IT!!


Finally, here's a picture I've been wanting to show you.

That is Liam, and it looks like he is ready for anything,
especially Christmas!!!
That is one of the most favorite pictures in my world.
(Bailey took that precious picture.)

I'm glad you got to see it!


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