Saturday, December 26, 2020

Photo Album for a Different Christmas

Weird Christmas this year... but here are some pics I like!

Laura's family attended their church's candlelight service Christmas Eve. They attended at home - virtually.

I love this picture...



On Christmas Day we did a fun FaceTime party of opening our presents with our kids and their families...


Later that day we went and had Christmas with Mother...


The day before, Will's family visited Mother.


And the Huffman family came and saw Mother through the window also on Christmas Day, and Anna sang the song she sang Christmas Eve at her church.
Here's Anna singing to her Great Grandmother...
(Oh wait, I think that is Elizabeth!)

Mother LOVED Anna's song!

And here is the picture I got from Facebook,
at First Baptist Church, Grapevine, of Anna singing her solo..

Isn't she beautiful?
(I have trouble putting up music on this blog,
otherwise you could hear how beautifully she sang.)


Here's a picture of her whole wonderful family... 

And Andrew  - in the middle -
the biggest Christmas fan there ever was -
wore his fancy jacket.

I love it!!!

Soon I will show you the most wonderful gift that Mother got for Christmas.
Bailey did it all. And I cannot think of a better present for my dear mother. 
Stay Tuned.

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