Monday, December 28, 2020

The Best Gift Ever Given in the Whole Wide World


Well, Jesus in the best gift ever given in the whole wide world.

Then my engagement ring given to me in January 1978 is the next! (which meant Sam wanted me to be his wife.)

Third place? Here is what Bailey Jo Carmack gave her Grandmother-in-law (my mother Margaret) just this past week for Christmas!!
It is a blanket - with pictures of Mother's great grandchildren.

Isn't that fantastic??
(Sam took this picture of it laid out on our kitchen table.)
The beauty in the upper left hand corner is 14 years old today!!
Happy Birthday, Caroline!!!

On Christmas, 2014, Bailey Jo gave me this treasure...

Oh my. I was so surprised and utterly delighted.

 I keep it on a 'ladder', but need to get it out and display the whole thing,
since I love it so much.

 I may put it in the living room.

And Mother may wear hers as a shawl,
for the world to see.
Here it is again...

Bailey Jo,
you know what makes us happy!!

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