Wednesday, December 16, 2020

We moved to a house with no chimney!!


We moved to Mission, TX when I was little.

We could tell it was a wonderful town.

BUT as far as we could tell no houses had chimneys or fireplaces!
Certainly not ours!

What was Santa to do???

I remember Peggy and I were so distressed. Majorly distressed. (I remember it vividly.)
Mother tried to calm us down by telling us we could put our stockings on the floor in the living room and Santa would surely see them there.
Peggy and I were skeptical.
Really. I so remember us being SO skeptical. Worried. Worried. (It was a real worry.)
Would Santa see them?????????

But Mother was right! She was right!!!
Santa found them after all.

We were so relieved.

That's my story...
and how we learned that Mother knew best.


Lesson: Mother knows best.

And so does Linus...

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