Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 is over!!

Some people are celebrating that 2020 is dead and gone.
Sadly some people ARE dead and gone, because of 2020.

I'm really at a loss for words today, this first day of 2021.
BUT I am going to say this... I've decided I need to take care of Nancy.

Did you expect me to say that?

Were you expecting a sermon or some sweet devotional about facing the new year?
Well, today I'm unapologetically saying that - for today - I'm taking care of me.

Many of you know me, and know that I've had some stomach problems through the years - plus some weird burning-mouth stuff for years. I think all of that tells me emphatically to TAKE CARE OF NANCY.

Does that sound selfish?
Maybe, but if I don't take care of Nancy, who will?

I know that I need to lean hard on God.
Frankly sometimes I don't.
I take the worries of the day back - after having laid them at the feet of Jesus.
Yeah, I'll just take them right back.

I say all this to say that if I'm not on Facebook, or my blog as much, it's okay. I'm taking time for me.

'Course my mother needs me to take care of me, and she tells me - and Hubby too - that they want me to take care of me.


Nobody is getting any younger.

Here are some posters we need...

That's all for today.


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