Friday, January 15, 2021

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

I really, REALLY like this...

I got this for my birthday!
It's a key chain and there is none other like it!!
Thank you!!

Another favorite thing...
Sam and I got vaccinated for Covid. 
And my almost 95 year-old-mother did, too. We'll get our second vaccine in a few weeks. 

That is not an arm of someone I know, just so you know.
(I like visual aids.)


I have a new favorite TV show. It's "World's Greatest Dogs" on the National Geographic channel.

I saw one episode - and was enchanted.
I need to find more episodes.
I may just go to YouTube.


A 'favorite things' post of mine would not be complete without posting about some of my favorite food.

Today it is any food from Chef Point Cafe.
On my birthday, last week we ordered some Chef Point and so enjoyed it!

Here are some things we like from Chef Point...


They're stuffed mushrooms and they are divine.
(And I'm usually not a mushroom person.)

And here are these...
Fried Green Tomatoes

Layered with fresh mozzarella, drizzled with pesto sauce and Texas honey, and topped with micro greens.


Lobster Macaroni & Cheese 

Chef's blend of four cheeses combined with fresh Ballerina pasta topped with lobster and bread crumbs then oven baked to perfection.

 Linguini with pork chop...


Chef Point is known for its bread pudding.
We had ordered so much food for the main meal, that we didn't have room for the bread pudding.
I HAVE ordered it, though, as my main meal years ago. (!)

Here's a picture...

You may know Chef Point from the Food Network. Years ago Guy Fieri's DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES featured Chef Point.

Chef Point is now in Colleyville, TX, besides Watauga, TX (where the gas station site is).


Finally, my last favorite thing is this old picture of my children...

That's Will and Laura, back in the fall of 1991.
We'd moved into an apartment, prior to starting Bear Valley Community Church.
They shared a room, and we thought they'd like an ant farm in their bathroom,
while they brushed their teeth every night.
(They did like that).

Those were some fun days.

And that was some good food.

And I love my key chain.

That is all for today!

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