Monday, February 1, 2021

What is IN, what is NOT.

It's pretty crazy how some things are IN and some are NOT.

Like then...


And now...

This is sometimes called 'Modern Shag'.



Hairstyles are as different in different times as is everything else.


That is the story of the great U.S.A, and the whole wide world.

Heaven forbid if I don't follow the fashion and decor protocols of the here and now.

The HERE and NOW!?!
Excuse me?

In "The Golden Girls" and "Designing Women" shoulder pads were THE THING.
I remembering liking shoulder pads. They made my waist look smaller.

So everything changes.

And who determines what is the trend NOW and what is so 'OUT' now?

Excuse me, but I am disgusted with the idea of paradigms - and trends - and people blindly falling in line what is IN and what is NOT.

Oh yeah... the two letter word IN is really old.

Ah, but who are the gods now? Folks in Hollywood?
Or Nashville??
Or San Francisco??
Or Paris??
Or Telluride, CO??

Ah, yes, the WOKE FOLK!! - They determine that nothing is correct, but being against the 'correct'.
That sounds like the hippies of the sixties and early 70's.
Oh yeah.

Clearly I'm just wanting to rant and rage.
Clearly I'm tired of folks thinking they know what's best for the rest of us.

If you live as long as I have you know that folks - ALL FOLKS - will always just be folks... with opinions.

That is my opinion.
Well, it is not a major opinion.
Just a blog post.

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