Sunday, March 7, 2021

Mother and Me

We actually got together!

 I had to wear all that gear, but I was happy to - and appreciated the fact that Parkwood insisted on me showing them proof (in paper, for their files) that I was Covid free for the last 7 days, and had to wear that gear... though it was hot! (If you go see Mother, wear summer clothes. 😊)


We hadn't been able to hug each other for a whole year.
Well, I don't even know if we'd been hugging each other before the year - you know, the pandemic year- ... but we were ready Friday!
We hugged and hugged.

We each cried a bit.
We knew we would - we'd talked about how we would - and we did. And it was good.

I thought Mother's room was really nice. It so looked better than when I'd seen it through the window.

And here she is during our visit with the gift Will gave her a couple of Christmases ago.

 It has been wonderful!!
The pictures change - and family members can add to it from their own home.
She has so enjoyed that wonderful gift.

So this pandemic seems to easing up - and making it possible for us to see loved ones that have been in isolation for so long.

And so you know, Parkwood, where Mother is in their nursing home facilities, has no Covid-positive residents now. And they closed their Covid facility - which was a hall of rooms just for Covid folks.

When Jessica, the Parkwood staff member, was escorting me to Mother's room, I said, "Jessica, I hope you get paid a lot. You are so good."
She said, "Well, I'm paid fine. And anyway, if I weren't I would work here anyway. I love being here."
That made me happy.
I hugged her, too.

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