Wednesday, March 24, 2021

On Guns - and a few other things...

The people I know who have guns have them for protection.
They are not planning a massacre (I don't think). 

I know some folks who 'carry' - and have licenses to carry. I like to go with them to places.

Someone on The View suggested that gun owners are selfish. I can see how someone might think that gun owners may be scary, but selfish?

And now I'll talk about voter IDs. How is something like voter IDs and voter ID pictures not wanted?
Of course, I can speculate about that - but I don't want to speculate on that. 


And ...

Right this very minute I want the illegal immigrants coming in from the south border (whom OF COURSE want to come to the U.S.) to go to Nancy Pelosi's house. She has a big house with lots of rooms.

Maybe I need to quit being political.
But how is this all political???
We need to have common sense... and be human.


Here is my serene photo, since I'm thinking I need one.


 Well, clearly I'm having opinions lately that I'm sharing.


Unknown said...

Do your friends carry assault weapons like these killers???

Nancy said...

No. My friends do NOT carry assault weapons!!

My hometown...

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