Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I'll be celebrating for a while!

 Late Monday night Sam and I were rejoicing with smiles on our faces... and our right hands raised high with a 'Sic 'Em, Bears!'


 I wasn't going to Baylor. My twin Peggy (Peggy Jean and I'm Nancy Jane - so we did have twinsie names) was determined to go to Baylor after we heard a Baylor student speak on a Sunday night at First Baptist Church in Kaufman, TX, our Grandmother Jennie's church. That student was vivacious and absolutely loved Baylor - and she made Peggy decide to definitely be a Bear.

Me, I thought we might ought to go to different colleges, so as to find our way in the real world as 'singletons'.
I applied at, among other places, Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches, TX. I knew that was a beautiful campus, in east Texas. I got accepted.

Ah, but long story short, my dear dad talked to me out on the swing in the back porch of our house in Mission, TX. He kind of found out that I might want to be a Baylor Bear, too. And he encouraged it.
So I was Baylor Bound, too!


Fast forward 51 years... the Baylor Bear basketball team won FIRST PLACE in the NCAA Championship Monday night!!!!!!!!

As you may know Baylor has not always been stellar in the sports world. BUT NOW IT IS!!! 

And we want to thank our Coach Scott Drew!

I could tell you a lot more.

But we're still excited, and basking in the win!!

Sic 'Em, Bears!!!

You can congratulate me. I'll take it!!


Diane Worcester said...

So happy for you and for all Baylor fans! They dominated! Quite an amazing team

Nancy said...

Yes, Diane! Thanks for your comment!
I remember seeing your living room (in Arlington I think) as a basketball court!!
Love you!!!

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